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The Easiest Terrarium

These terrariums are the perfect accent for home or a party. They are easy to make and will withstand just about any environment. To make the terrariums you will need: Bags of soil, bags of drainage material, moss (reindeer moss is bright green and mood moss is darker green), plants, wooden dowel slightly longer than the length of the terrarium (easily purchased at hardware store or substituted for chopsticks or a nice thin, but sturdy stick from the yard), spray bottle of water (for misting), and pebbles for decoration if desired.

1. Empty drainage material (white) into terrarium. Use dowel (chopstick or stick) to evenly rake drainage material throughout terrarium until the bottom is covered ½”-to-1” deep.

2. Carefully and slowly empty bags of soil into terrarium moving it (with the dowel) from back to front of terrarium so as to leave most drainage material underneath soil. Use dowel to gently spread soil evenly, taking care not to dig too deep, not disturbing drainage material. When finished, soil should be approximately ½” to-1” deep. Please note, your kit may include extra soil that you may not necessarily use to achieve this depth. This is an exercise in patience!

3. Next, gently separate moss pillows into sections 2”-3” in diameter in order to fit them into the terrarium. When separating moss, take care to keep the “roots” (actually anchors) intact. Gently feed moss into terrarium green part first. (You will probably have to squeeze the moss clump a bit to fit it through the hole). Using your dowel, plant the terrarium with moss from back to front, taking care to not disturb too much soil. Firmly press your moss into the soil with the dowel, stick, or chopstick.

4. Remove plant from soil package, rinsing the roots with clean water. Using your dowel, push plant into terrarium and gently force roots between moss pillows and into the soil. Please note, if roots reach into drainage material, it is ok, and expected.

5. Place decorative rocks and/or reindeer moss in your terrarium to cover remaining soil or wherever you wish.

6. HEAVILY mist your new terrarium. Place in indirect light. Close by a North facing window (not in the windowsill) is best.

7. For future care, mist terrarium heavily approximately one to three times weekly. More misting will be necessary at first while plants are establishing. Moss should always be slightly damp to the touch.

All tutorial text and project design by Kat Gieger, Green Under Glass.


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