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Thanksgiving with Roland Bello

I haven’t been talking much about Thanksgiving, perhaps because I will be traveling to spend the week with my feet up while others do the cooking. Also because I find the usual turkey fare quite drab- with the exception of this styled dinner spread Roland Bello designed for Gourmet Magazine which is perfect.

What a fabulous thanksgiving celebration this would be! I absolutely adore the olives and vintage carafes lining the table and how the crystal glasses look a bit sneaked in. Plus the fake landscape backdrop is such a clever touch of whimsy. It reminds me of a high school dance… but cheeky in its own sophisticated way.

I wonder if you’ve made your Thanksgiving plans yet? If you are staying home, would you ever consider a fake backdrop to make you feel like you were somewhere else? You could easily find a scene you adore and have it blown up to sit behind your table… That would be a lovely touch indeed.



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