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The prettiest dead flower projects

Inside: What to do with dead flower & roses! 

Flowers are pretty when they’re alive, but we cannot deny that there is something so lovely about them when they are dead flowers too. Even when they are dead, they breathe life. They make wonderful additions to any party or gathering, but can also be super difficult to handle because of how fragile they are.

What to do with dead flowers & roses

So what is the secret to drying out flowers for the dead perfectly..?!

We decided to do a little research and put together a helpful guide so you can dry your very own floral arrangements like a pro, making the prettiest dead flowers ever.

dead flowers

What to do with dead flowers & roses – how to dry them perfectly.

  • Flowers that are just beginning to blossom will dry out best. Fully bloomed flowers tend to lose their petals during the drying out process.
  • Gather your flowers in bunches and secure (using string, wire, whatever floats your boat). Hang them upside down for straight stems. 
  • Dry out your dead flowers in a dark, warm, and relatively dry room. This will preserve the most vibrant color and prevent fading and rot!
  • A quick spritz of aerosol hairspray can help the flower retain its qualities. This can also aid against breakage and petals falling off!
  • The natural drying process can take anywhere between 10-20 days depending on the environment (humidity, temperature, airflow, etc.)
  • If you’re in a hurry (or just naturally impatient) you can even use a microwave to dry out flowers within minutes! The “cooking time” will vary depending on the type of flowers being dried, so you will have to experiment a bit. One source also suggests covering the flowers in cat litter (while in the microwave) to help the process along! Who knew?!

flowers for the dead

When is the best time to start the flower drying process?

Spring is one of the best times of years to dry out flowers for the dead. The first blooms will make pretty additions to home and parties all year long. I love the idea of hanging the flowers from the ceiling over a festive spot to eat or use them for a wreath to adorn the front door. There are so many beautiful projects to be made with simple dried dead flowers.

diy dead flowers

beautiful dead flower projects

diy dead flower garland

Whether bottled up as favors or strung up as garland a batch of dried dead flowers will keep your space looking festive even after this year’s amazing bloom is through.

(Top photo ©Borislav Zhuykov/Stocksy United. All other photography linked in photo description).

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