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The Best Gifts For Besties – The 2024 Christmas Gift Guide

Next up in the 2017 Christmas gift guide is a list of favorite presents for all our besties! I am so obsessed with all of the gifts on this list. Think I’ll go ahead and check a few of these off my own list because who says you can’t do a little Christmas shopping for yourself?!

I know my ladies are going to love these picks and I just can’t wait to decide which cute little find is perfect for each of them, because as we all know, bestie is a tier and not a person after all.

The Best Gifts For Besties

A Card Case with your fav stores card inside

Teacup Planters already planted for her

A bath bomb and an offer to watch her kids for an hour

Wreath Earrings that can be worn all year long

Rainbow Soap to remind her that she brightens your day

The perfect Rain Booties

A Girls Brunch which is all she really wants anyway

A Knit Throw to binge your fav shows with

The prettiest Pommed Slide Slippers

Yoga Classes or even better Goga classes

A special Plaid Scarf

Sugar Scrub and a bottle of her favorite wine

Flaminglobe Card and a note telling her how much you adore her

This sweet Pom Beanie

A personalized Makeup Case

The perfect Red Lipgloss for all the holiday parties

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