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The Best New Free Fonts for 2021

25 Free Fonts for 2016

We are reviving our always beloved collection of fonts this year! Kicking the year off I thought you might want to see a compilation of favorite new & free fonts for 2016. All fonts are linked below and can be downloaded for free! Once loaded onto your computer the fonts can be used for creating birthday cards, blog posts, artwork, anything you can imagine.

Having access to great looking fonts over the years has transformed my design abilities. They will make anything you are working on look so much better. Girl Gang is definitely my favorite from this bunch – cheers to creating pretty this year…

DELICIOUS: Wellfleet | OMG!: Blackout | MAGICAL: Henny Penny | OOH LA LA!: Euphoria | SLURP!: Pompiere | YUM: Pleasantly Plump | OH YAY!: Grand Hotel

TASTY: Leckerli One | HAPPY PLACE: Good Dog |  GIRLFRIEND: Vanilla | HOW FUN!: Idol Wild | HEY GIRL HEY: Poetsen One | FUN & FREE: Dancing Script OT | GOOD VIBES: Good Foot

BE FREE: Boogaloo | FRISKY: Risque | DON’T WORRY: Trash Hand | PARTY TIME: Pixie Font | LOOKING GOOD: Pupcat | FRIYAY: Bellota | GIRLS RULE: Bubble Gum Sans

EVERYTHING: Autour One | DAY DREAM: Blackjack Regular | THAT’S RAD!: Spicy Rice | GIRL GANG: Barrio

(Graphic design ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).

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