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the best pinata cakes

The best piñata cakes!

Every once in a while we get to see a post really inspire others to celebrate well. The original piñata cake recipe is one of these kinds of posts. After so many comments and hundreds of thousands of pins, the emails started coming in from everyone who made their own piñata cakes. And loved them! People began altering our recipe to create their own versions of awesomeness. It’s been pure blogger bliss to see something I loved so much be loved by so many others.

I thought I’d share with you my most favorite variations I’ve seen over the past year. Your creative minds blow me away! Here are the best piñata cakes; which ones inspire you?

Piñata Cake Easter Egg

Piñata cake Easter egg

The best Piñata cakes | rainbow piñata cake

Rainbow piñata cake

The best Piñata cakes | cupcake piñata cake

Cupcake piñata cake

cuThe best Piñata cakes | mini piñata cakes

Miniature piñata cakes

The best Piñata cakes | hardshell chocolate piñata cake

Chocolate hardshell piñata cake

The best Piñata cakes | smash piñata cake

Sweet smash cake piñata

The best Piñata cakes | berry piñata cake

Berry filled (healthy) piñata cake

The best Piñata cakes | m&m piñata cake

M&M piñata cake

The best Piñata cakes | pumpkin piñata cake

Piñata pumpkin cake

The best Piñata cakes | piñata cupcakes

Scrumptious piñata cupcakes

Here’s the full step-by-step recipe piñata cake recipe and alter to your wildest party dreams! I’d love to see. Plus, we made piñata meringues recently. They are so fun too.


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  1. Hey Victoria! I’ll never forget the day I stumbled upon your pinata cake post. So very pretty. That pinata cake Easter egg is pretty adorable!



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