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the building of a scene

The making of an animated movie scene

In this last post about the new Boxtrolls movie, I am excited to show a behind the scenes clip of the design and process of creating the movie. All animated movies take an incredible amount of artistic work to create, but the Boxtrolls takes it to the next level.

What these artists create out of clay, paint, and simple supplies is really quite amazing. Early on in the clip there’s a shot of the movie’s story board, it fills an entire banquet room! And I thought blogging was a lot of work.

Realizing the artistic effort put in to create the movie makes me even more excited to see it – now playing! Are you going? You’ll have to tell me what you think.

This post is done in promotional partnership with the Imagination Foundation and Focus. Thanks for supporting our sponsors that make this blog possible.

(Photography © Suzanne Clements)

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