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The coolest cooler in town

Painted cooler

It’s official… I’m on an ice cream – cool sweets – so excited it is finally summer – kick this week. The weather is warm and our cooler is open for the season. To update our current (not so awesome) cooler, which is that basic white-on-white-everyone’s-got-one type of cooler, I decided to paint it and add a skateboard!

In my world of summer priorities, paying a lot for a pretty cooler does not make the cut, but that doesn’t mean fun style has to be forgotten. By grabbing paints, and adding on wheels, all of a sudden this ten-buck-take-everywhere cooler can become the coolest cooler on the block!

The coolest cooler (It's painted!)

Painetd cooler

Painted summer cooler

I hesitate to even call this a DIY since it is so incredibly easy! To make a similar cooler – grab a few paints + brushes and paint the cooler. That’s it! You can get as ornate as you want with the design. I used a few similar shades of pink and went for large organic looking spots. I love how it came out! Bright, happy and bold for summer. We used the cooler at our latest BBQ and it completely brightened up the patio.

After the cooler is dry, use hot glue to attach the cooler to a skateboard. Tie a rope around the middle of the front wheels for pulling the cooler down the street. We tried attaching it with screws first, but since our cooler is made of Styrofoam, glue actually works best. If you attempt this with a plastic cooler screws would hold well.

Painted cooler

After falling so quickly in love with our cooler, I decided it would make a fabulous gift for all our friends. It is a great gift idea for housewarmings, weddings and every single hostess gift. Paint the cooler, attach it to wheels and fill it with your favorite beverages to coordinate with the occasion. Favorite bottles of wine for a housewarming gift, a few really nice champagnes for a wedding, or your favorite crafted sodas would be a thoughtful hostess gift.

Have the kids help and decorate one for Dad filling it with a summer supply of his favorite small batch brewed beers. I have a feeling this project will be repeated often this summer. What are you waiting for??? Let’s all paint our coolers. xoxo

PS. An ice cream bike cart and my favorite marbleized popsicle recipe.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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