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The Coolest Party Blindfolds

For the twins fourth birthday, we rented out one of those crazy kids bounce house places. I was a bit hesitant about it, since they come with a lot of “flair,” and are pretty hard to make cute, but the kids were dying to have it there. Have you ever hosted a party at a rented place like that? It was fabulous!

They took care of everything and left me to focus on really fun details – like tutus for all the girls, capes for the boys, paper pinatas, and the coolest birthday party blindfolds ever!

We had a cookie eating contest which was really fun to include. I punched small holes in the tops of baked cookies with chopsticks and strung them on simple twine with knots in between. For the blindfolds I was inspired by a page of Lab 71’s book and made silly block out glasses that quickly became the stars of the show. To make them, I used cheap kids glasses- found in a 6 party favor pack. I cut out ovals of construction paper and then printed out the eyes (click here to print my silly eye template for free).

To make your own glasses, be sure the paper ovals overlap the entire lens by 1/4 inch to prevent little eyes from seeing out. Glue onto the glasses and top the ovals with the eye cut outs. The kids had a blast wearing the glasses, eating the cookies and watching the adults laugh at their show.

Photography done in collaboration with Erin Holland.


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