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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with it, many things to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to display an Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland to help impart words of thanks to our celebration. Sometimes, communicating what we are thankful for deserves more than just a few words after dinner.

DIY Thanksgiving Letter Garland

During Thanksgiving time there are so many different reasons to be thankful! What better way to express those reasons than creating fun and personal decor for your Thanksgiving feast. A fun and unique idea for these garlands are making different versions of the various things we are thankful for. A few of my favorite are family, friends, and kids. A few other fun letter garland ideas are pizza, puppies, and extra guacamole! You choose, but either way, they will be cute and fun.

To bump of your festive flair add another layer of decorative garlands such as this Colorful Hanging Vine Garland or this Festive Folded Leaf Garland.

Thanksgiving Paper Letter Garland

A wall of bright colored words, pretty straws, and a few pumpkins will make your entire room feel festive. Since Thanksgiving is such a time-intensive cooking holiday – I need decor that is easy to make. Enter in, the easiest letter garland ever! This Thanksgiving garland is so simple to make that you’ll have it done and up before the bird is even out of the oven.

Thanksgiving Letter Garland

How to make a DIY Thanksgiving Garland

It takes just a few easy steps to create this Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland. First, you will simply need to cut out letters using fun and bright scrapbook paper. I like to sketch out my letters before I cut them out, this makes the cutting process so much easier. Next, you will grab cute washi tape and attach the letters to the thread. You will add one side of the tape to the top of your letter. Then, wrap that piece of tape around the thread and attach to the other side of the letter. Once you have your letters all taped on you can hang your garland on the wall with an extra length of tape for a bold and festive display.

How to create a DIY Thanksgivng letter garland step by step

Thanksgiving Fall Letter Garland

Other fun and easy DIY garlands

Here are a few more fun garland options from over the years. I love creating garlands with easy and fun supplies! That’s why paper straws and painted paper plates are some of my favorite party garland tutorials! What are some of your favorite DIY garland projects?

Thanksgiving Letter Garland

This tiny little garland is just a variation on this Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland to top off your sweets or add to a gift. It’s just as simple as the larger version and a quick way to interject festive fun on the table. So, big or small this Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland is the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Let us know in the comments what you’re thankful for and your favorite festive decor is!

Project and photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry.


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