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The Fall Project Hit List

Fall has fell and we couldn’t be more thrilled! It really is our favorite season around here, and can you blame us? Between the beautiful colors, cooler weather, festive gatherings, and endless excuses for treats, fall is the best time to celebrate all the fun things! We’ve created This Fall Project Hit List to remind us all of the tons of ideas fall has to offer. From pumpkins to parties, crafts to costumes, and sips to sweets, we’ve got you covered with all the fall essentials.

Glittering Pumpkins are an easy way to dress up a fall staple and add some custom color to your mantle. Pick out your favorite glitter and any pumpkin you’d like, big or small, and get decorating.

Costume DIYs are our jam and this Sparkly Heart Emoji Halloween Costume is just so cute! It can certainly work for any member of the family, but we’re especially smitten with the baby version :)

Hot chocolate is a favorite cold weather beverage, but is quickly topping our list of yummiest cakes this season. This scrumptious Hot Chocolate Cake recipe will have you wanting to cozy up by the fire with a good movie and big ole slice.

Pink is not only the new black, it’s also the new spooky. A Pink Halloween Mantel is just what our home needed to get ready for the spookiest time of the year!

Lose the apples. Our Pumpkin Crumble Recipe is filled with sugar, spice, everything nice…and some pumpkin of course!

Transform any dessert into a Halloween-themed treat with our Colorful Ghost Cake Topper. These colorful little toppers are simple to make and easy to reuse for all of your Halloween happenings.

If you’ve got little kids or if you’re looking for a simple, mess-free way to decorate those pumpkins this year, Sticker Decorated Pumpkins are just for you!

I know that we’re typically all about the vibrant colors and bright hues (promise that’s not going to change!), but we are also a fan of decorating according to the season. And well, fall is all about the warm and cozy neutral feels. It’s ok to mix in some browns, creams, greens, and golds for a more natural look this season. We’ve got some tips on how to achieve the look stylishly, without losing any of the fun and whimsy that color brings, in our Naturally Pretty Party Decor post.

Fall, and more precisely, Halloween is the only time it’s ok to celebrate with spiders! These 8-legged, furry friends are perfect for a creepy Sparkling Spider Cocktail. A drink spiked with sparkling spiders? You betcha!

We love visits to the local Farmer’s Market. And while summer is usually looked at as the season for it, lots of places around the globe have them year-round. If you don’t, creating this Fall Market Centerpiece is totally possible with the help of some bright and colorful produce found and your local grocer. Arrange your bounty in rectangular boxes for a beautiful display of the season’s harvest right on your own table.

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake is the ideal dessert for bringing the yummy taste of caramel apples to the whole crowd. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt on top to perfectly balance the sweet. And with the rich and creamy taste of cheesecake that everyone adores…we think you’ll be making this treat for years to come.

Our Rainbow Jack-O-Lantern Soda Bar is a lot more funky and a lot less freaky, which in our opinion, is the best way to celebrate Halloween. Pick up your favorite rainbow-colored and fruity flavored sodas and check out the post for full detailed instructions on how to make!

Dark Chocolate Maple Leaves with Sea Salt: a really festive fall treat that look almost too real to eat!

In need of unique costume ideas for your littlest loves? My Little Circus Halloween Costumes are friendly and fun options for even the most wild child. They’re simple to make and great for last minute binds if you’ve waited until the stores are sold out or can’t find just what you’ve been looking for.

We look for any and every excuse to whip out the colored paints these days. There’s nothing happier than being able to add a splash of color to every season. Our Painted Pine Cone Table Runner is one of the prettiest projects we’ve done for fall. This project is great because the painted pine cones are certainly not for one-time use. In addition to staging the table runner for a fall brunch, or Friendsgiving dinner, try arranging them on the mantle or plopping in clear vases for a festive look all season long. We love that these pine cones will decorate our house in so many different ways, making the project more than worth trying our hand at.

Skip the store-bought wreath and go all-out this year by creating your own! This Color Dyed Wheat Wreath brings so much flair to any front door or mantel. Choose your favorite fall colors, or go bright like we did with orange and pink! :)

One of the most exciting things about the turning of the seasons is getting to bust out clothes that have been hanging out lonely in the closet for quite some time. We’ve come up with a cute and creative way to turn some old pieces into new favorites this fall.

Apple cider gets a tune up this fall.

Bright Painted Leaves make a beautiful garland or handmade arrangement for a festive fall gathering. We like to have our fall leaves both outside and inside, don’t you? Plus, these are fabric leaves so they’ll stick around much longer than the real deal, can be custom colored, and used to decorate year after year.

Add some spooky fun to your Saturday morning donut run with these Monster Donuts! All you need is that delicious dozen from your favorite local shop, a few sets of vampire teeth + candy eyeballs (neither are difficult to come by this time of year). When you bring these monsters home, your family will come running to them, not away ;)

There’s nothing more fun than the surprise of opening a present on your birthday, so that’s why we created the Birthday Present Halloween Costume. It all starts with a cardboard box and some spray paint, and is finished with some ribbon and a bow, of course! This costume is adult and kid friendly and easy to take on/off, making it ideal for a busy weeknight work/school-to-costume party transition.

There’s no denying pumpkin pie is a staple of the holiday season. But what if we told you it didn’t always have to be orange…introducing Colored Pumpkin Pie!

Cookie Flavored Cinnamon Bat Rolls: because obviously regular cinnamon rolls just aren’t decadent enough. These spooky little cookie flavored gems take a favorite breakfast sweet treat to a whole new world. It’s kind of driving us batty that we can’t have one right this second!

If you’re like us and just can’t get enough of the fall leaves, check out our Festive Folded Leaf Garland. Paper leaves, folded, and then strung on some pretty colored string adds some mess-free flair to any room of the house.

Paper brads and push pins aren’t only useful on the job. Add some shine to your pumpkins this year by studding them with the supplies you’ve got on hand at the office. Office Supply Pumpkins are a fun and simple way to pop some polka dots into your fall decor.

Feathers are a fun fall decorative item that often get overlooked. But don’t worry, feathers, we didn’t forget about you this year! In fact, we created a Painted Feather Cake that is a beautiful addition to any fall dessert menu. It’s great for a fall-themed get together or as a sub for one of the usual pumpkin desserts that make an appearance on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Not that we aren’t big fans of pumpkin, but there’s room for all the sweets at the table, as far as we’re concerned!

Stop! Don’t throw out those ooey gooey pumpkin seeds after you’re done carving this year. We’ve got some great ideas for Pumpkin Seeds Three Ways, with both savory and sweet options so satisfy everyone’s cravings.

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re all about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Why have a plain ole orange pumpkin, when you can have Abstract Painted Pumpkins? This is one of our favorite pumpkin painting ideas yet; we think you’ll be really pleased with the bright, bold, and beautiful statement they make whether on your front porch, mantel, or tabletop.

It’s fall but that doesn’t mean we’re done indulging in icy-cold treats! Pumpkin Ice Cream is the perfect way to cool down on those warm(er) fall days.

Monster Favor Bags are a fun alternative to handing out individually wrapped pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters this year. Instead, give those little goblins and ghouls homemade bags, cutely decorated like monsters, and filled with goodies! If you’d like to opt for a healthier choice, you can fill with trail mix or popcorn instead of candy. But hey, no judgement here…we’ll happily nibble on whichever treat you choose!

Sure, it’s fun to carve jack-o-lanterns into pumpkins, but we prefer ours stuck to balloons! Grab some rainbow colored balloons (around here you don’t have to stick to just orange!) and make some festive floating friends! Check out the Jack-O-Lantern Balloons post for the full how-to.

Pumpkin Pie Pops: pumpkin pie on a stick? Yes, please.

Move over, pumpkin! Why Don’t We-Carve a Pineapple? But seriously, pumpkins shouldn’t be the only fruit for carving fun this season. Pineapples totally deserve to be in the spotlight too…and whatever other fruit you fancy!

As soon as the fall chill is in the air, we get so excited for so many reasons. Lighting candles has got to be in the top ten. They provide such a warm and cozy atmosphere and make the whole room smell amazing. I mean really, what’s not to love? We’re stepping up our candle game this fall and turning some plain white ones into colored beauties with our Decal Imprint Candles. Which design is your favorite?

Need a last minute costume idea that’s easy to make, cheap to buy, and multipurpose? Our Pool Float Halloween Costume is it! Simply grab your favorite pool float that you used all summer or pick one up from the store (they’ll probably be super marked down since it’s now past summer), match your outfit (black or white will do just fine), glue some ribbon to the float so it stays secure through your trick-or-treating or Halloween party-going adventures, and there you have it!

Thanks so much for peeking at our Fall Hit List. We hope you loved all the fall things and are now able to really revel in what we consider the best season of them all! From our team to you, Happy Fall, Y’all!


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