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the family that parties together


As a part of my partnership with Focus and the Imagination Foundation, I will be sharing little snippets of things I like about the upcoming Boxtrolls movie this week – in theatres this Friday! One of the themes I adore about the movie are the awesome family dynamics. I love the idea that the value of family rests not just in blood lines, but also in the love and care that is shared for one another.

My big Italian family has always put a huge emphasis on celebrating well together. The way we celebrate with each other has been a huge blessing to me. Whether it was our wedding day with everyone there dancing all night long, or when the twins were born; the love just didn’t stop pouring in. Even now when this blog gets featured in a magazine, it is usually an aunt that I hear from first (quickly followed by my mom) – saying way to go, let us cheer with you! It’s an important part of what makes up a family to me. It is such a cool theme to see played out in this movie.

You can buy your Boxtrolls movie tickets, right here.

This post is done in promotional partnership with the Imagination Foundation and Focus. 

(Throwback family photo taken by Chelsea Robbins).

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