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The Home Depot Decor Line In The New Kids Bedroom

This post is done in partnership with the The Home Depot. The Nation’s #1 and most trusted Home Improvement retailer.

This is the first time that The Home Depot is announcing to the world that they are in the Interior Décor space. 100% of their furniture and home decor products are online for easy browsing!

We bought a few select pieces from The Home Depot and even found some toys to help create a new kids room for our big family addition.

Adopted kids bedroom design

That’s right! Our lives are about to get 100% more complicated and fun as Matt and I are working through local adoption to bring a few new kiddos into our family. We aren’t sure exactly how many 1, 2, maybe 3 siblings!

So I did what any self respecting momma does….

Decorated a room for them…

Of course!

Home depot decor line review

Not knowing exactly what is coming in the next season for us, meant we needed to go comfy with basic furniture and decor, nothing too specific. I chose a funky wall treatment with this polka-dot removable wallpaper designed by Joanna Gaines, and green-ish paint underneath and what might be my favorite framed photo of all time. “You Belong Here”

matching beds in kids bedroom

The Home Depot now has a home line and you guys, it is SO good!

We snagged 2 of these affordable Braylon White twin beds and they arrived in less than a week. They were easy to put together, sturdy and look great in a smaller room.

We aren’t sure of the ages of kids we will be getting so I wanted to make sure the beds will work with our licensing range (which is 3-9 years old).

Home depot bedding

Their bedding super impressed me. I went with a Truly Soft pleated pink comforter set, and funky sheets we already had for underneath. These Lollipop floral sheets would have been super fun as well!

I am fully realizing if we end up with boys, I may have to switch some of this out… but with the easy to manage buying process I’m not even worried about it.

The Home Depot offers free shipping on most orders over $45 and free returns to any local store. (all 2,200+ of them!)

Home depot shopping processThe best part is there convenient online shopping tools.

  1. “My List” function makes it easy to save and favorite products of interest
  2. Easy “shop the room” and “shop the look” curated collections by style
  3. Product Recommendations
  4. Easy Navigation to product discovery

How to style a bedroom for adoption

Additionally, we added a few whimsical elements to the space like funky pillows, xoxo print and even a cute thrifted hat rack.

Home depot decor line toys

This bookshelf/bench was moved in from the twins old room along with a selection of their favorite picture books to hand down to their new siblings. I just tear up thinking about how much fun it will be for my kids to welcome new members to our family.

We aren’t buying too much beforehand in the ways of toys etc, but this toy drum was a find I just couldn’t resist. I love that The Home Depot is now a spot where I can go from flooring, to beds, to toys all in one online cart. Makes my life so much easier.

Creating a kids bedroom for foster kids

Although we’ve talked about the adoption process here and there on Instagram, this is the first time I’m typing it out right here on my blog. Much like getting these little beds set up, we are taking small steps that really make this process feel more real to us. Which is crazy and also exciting as heck!

If you have any tips for us, we would love to hear from you.

Find all your furniture and home decor needs now at The Home Depot.

This is what Home Improvement looks like now!

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