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Plastic bottle flower vases making

With inspiration sought after, and the invitations sent out- this week we are focusing on what will make your party extra lovely. Adding a little flair, something funky, a special unexpected twist to your party’s decor with these plastic bottle flower vases making.

After falling head-over-heels in love with the plastic bottle wreath earlier this week, see the full tutorial here. It quickly became my something funky for the bloom party. I wanted to take it a step further and so…

plastic bottle flower vases making

I made a whole bunch of extra flowers, and turned them into vases. A very funky centerpiece indeed. I will be placing multiple vases of varying heights throughout the table.

The plastic bottle flower vases making – I followed the painted flower tutorial and simply stacked the flowers gluing as I went. The bottom flower kept it’s bottle cap on to seal in the water and all the others went cap-less, allowing one simple bloom to pop out of the top.

plastic bottle flower vases making

I love the imagery of a single wild flower blooming amidst the recycled, sprayed bottles. That is our hope for the charity auction, a bit of blooming amidst the tragedy of Haiti.

How can you add a bit of unexpected flair to your party? A little something funky will remind you how lovely it can be when things turn out imperfectly beautiful.

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