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Fun and Festive Monster Games for Kids

Inside: Fun and Festive Monster Games for Kids, like Monster Pinatas! 

It’s all fun and games till the Monsters want to play! Sometimes the kids and I have different ideas of celebrating. I plan a fall filled with leaves, homemade costumes, and simple pumpkins – they want shiny costumes from the shelf, spider webs, and monsters! To satisfy us both, I’ve come up with a new tradition, monster games. I am giving into the costumes and monsters they want, but in a way that is bright, festive, and fun. We both win!

Festive Monster GamesMonster Sidewalk Bomb Game


Monster Games for Kids

These monster games for kids are perfect to make a full afternoon full of fun! I like to have the kid’s pick out costumes they want – landing on a unicorn and a dinosaur most of the time. I purchase a pack of candy eyes, ping-pong balls, craft supplies, and we have great fun playing our own festive monster games.

How to make monster bomb game

Monster Sidewalk Powder Bombs

Monster Sidewalk Powder Bombs

This monster game for kids is such a hit! The bombs are hollowed out real eggs filled with baby powder, so they explode into a fabulous smoke storm when thrown against the sidewalk.

To make the monster sidewalk bombs we cleaned out our eggs by poking a decent size hole in the bottom and letting the insides drain out. We painted them bright colors and glued on candy eyes. Then using a paper as our funnel we filled each egg 2/3 of the way up with baby powder. Once the eggs were filled, each was sealed by gluing a small piece of tissue paper to the opening.

The powder bombs will explode on contact and the kids had a blast tossing theirs at the pavement, at the trees, and of course, at me.

Monster Pinata Game for kids

Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Monster Games for kids

Fun Monster Pinatas

This monster games for kids looked quite a bit like the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock – love that! The pinatas were a blast and combined the fun and spook of the season perfectly. Plus, the explosion of treats was a very popular moment during The Festive Monster Games.

To make the monster pinatas we started with a balloon pinata base (easy instructions here), added ahead of yarn hair, and one spooky eye on top. To make the yarn head, wrap a roll of yarn from hand to elbow until it is nice and thick. Tie it off in the center and cut both ends (like this).

Fill the balloon base with candy and leave one yarn string sticking out. Close the base by gluing 3-4 layers of tissue paper in place. Then glue the entire balloon base underneath the yarn hair, with the bottom sticking out. Fix the eye on the front and hang your monster pinata with string from the ceiling. Kids can hit the balloon base, or simply pull on the yarn piece hanging out for a shower of treats.

Monster Costume

Unicorn and a monster

The kids were pleased with their costumes and we had quite the afternoon of fun and monster games. ‘Tis the season for festive fun and whimsy.

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