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The Most Important Corners At Home


We’ve been officially in the new house for a week! We are already through the demo and starting to rebuild and put the place back together. I can’t wait to show you a a few before photos and more details on our plans next week. In the meantime I wanted to talk about the most important corners of a home.

This has come up for me twice this year; once when we were deciding first on the right forever house to purchase and second during our renovation planning process. There is something about specific corners of a house that resonate with me and surprisingly became very important details in our process. It’s been fun starting from the bones of a house to carve out corners and a layout that will really work for our family.

My three most important corners at home are…


1. The breakfast bar

We have one in our current house and it’s become a non-negotiable living detail for me. The roof might need replacing or the house could have a gorgeous pool, but if there’s not a place to sit bar stools at a bar in the kitchen I won’t even consider the house. My kids have breakfast here, they do homework here while I prep dinner, I sit there to chat with Matt while he pours our cocktails at night here. It’s a little area and often unassuming in charm that has become monumentally important to me.


2. A chair in my room looking out a window

I know that is super specific, but here’s the thing – with a home business and kids running around it can be hard to escape. Having a comfy chair to sit at and read a book and stare out into nature I’ve found to be vitally important to my sanity and well being. It was something I instantly started to picture in each house we looked at, this swinging one would be fun.


3. The fireplace for obvious reasons

We knocked down a wall to make our fireplace more the center of our living room. I can’t wait to get it updated in pretty style. This one clad in tile is making me swoon.

I was funny to ask Matt and see how different our priorities were when choosing this house. His are:

  1. The front porch
  2. The reading nook
  3. The master bathroom

We will be updating every square inch of this new house so it is a fun and important conversation to have. Do you have any specific corners of the house you tend to adore?

(Top photography ©James Tarry).

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