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the most sophisticated paper bag

Paper bag holiday favors

Planning our holiday party is such a thrill for me. Making the night amazing, yet simple, and without all the cheese is a challenge I love to tackle. This is especially true for a more grown up party. To achieve that, we are hosting a cocktails and vinyls party for our friends this year.

These polka dot favor bags send the perfect hello-I-am-special signal without being overly presumptuous about themselves; just like I want my party to be. And you can put a whole table of them together in moments! An awesome way to set the table and gift a small token of care during this holiday season.

gold dot paper bags

Christmas favors

To make the polka dot favor bags, start with a brown paper bag – purchase a pad of metallic circle labels and place haphazardly around the bag. Stuff with a thoughtful gift and fold the bag over using a hole punch to punch out two holes at the top. Thread with a ribbon and end with a lettered tag and a few berries from the winter garden, or a sprig of evergreen from the tree. Simple and pretty. I have never seen a brown bag looking so sophisticated!

(Photography © Laura Stolfi)

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