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The Party Podcast: How to throw a dance party with Alison Faulkner

How to throw a dance party

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I am thrilled to be sharing our latest episode of The Party Podcast today. Alison Faulkner is a dancing queen. Possibly the gal who has the least amount of fear of anyone I know when she gets on the dance floor. She throws amazing parties where everyone in attendance (in any range from 20 people to 600 people) gets on the floor to dance. The parties of my dreams!

In this episode you can expect to hear a number of great tips from Alison both in how we can have confidence to dance it up ourselves and the right ways to throw a dance party.

The biggest take away I have after chatting with Alison is knowing that to dance awesome – You’ve got to just not care. Ahhh so easy. And also so hard. Later today I will be sharing my take on this dancing tip with my first ever dancing Instagram, Instadance, danceagram… you get the point.

Do what you love.

In this episode, I learned a super sneaky secret to get people dancing when they’re not drunk! It’s a good one.

On top of this awesome tip, there are also normally cookies involved in Alison’s dance parties – the sugar must help. ;) Alison not only dances like a queen, but she plans parties and bakes like one too. You can check out the Party with Alison course where she shares all her good tips for party planning of any size, and her popular Alison’s cookie party where you can learn to make the best cookies ever for your guests.

How to throw a dance party with Alison Faulkner!

A few simple tips for hosting the best dance party ever:

  • Figure out the medium age and play to that with music that people will remember from high school.
  • Don’t put a lot of other distractions around. If guests can do something else they will. Make dancing the thing you do.
  • Start the dance right away, so it’s not awkward.

15 year plan

Dance parties are all about expectations and making everyone feeling comfortable. Alison encourages us to have set the right expectations for the party from the invitation wording to the set-up of the room. Oh, and on the vintage storybook birthday post I mention that gives a quick glimpse into my worst dance party idea ever.

The best dance party tips

It was great to chat with Alison and hear the awesome ways dancing has helped to build her brand, and also encourage her in everyday life. She is so fun to listen to.

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(All photography @Alison Faulkner from Alison’s Instagram).

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