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Taking great Instagram photos with Kelly Mindell

How to Take Great Instagram Photos with Kelly Mindell

So excited to be chatting with Kelly from Studio DIY today. Kelly is a lot of things, but mostly she is an Instagram Goddess. She rocks her selfies harder than anyone I know (see here). Not in the, “I’m already famous and have a zillion followers” type of way – but instead, posting the best photos of herself and her parties daily.

So today she’s sharing with us just how she got THIS comfortable in front of the camera and how we can all take gorgeous and colorful photos for social media at every birthday, vacation, family photo shoot – really for any reason at all.

Because, if we are honest if it’s not shared socially… did it really happen?

You’ve got to hear the tips – they are genius! Here’s a little sneak peak…

How to take a great selfie with Kelly Mindell

Kelly shares her tips for looking amazing behind the lens including her trick to look away from the lenses and play music while she snaps. Can you imagine the life photo change that will happen with the kids when I say, DANCE and play their favorite song, instead of saying, POSE and getting that awkward straight on deer-in-the-headlights look. Christmas cards everywhere rejoice!

How to use props for Instagram photos with Kelly Mindell

How to take great instagram photos with Kelly Mindell

We also talk about great photos on the go and how to get instant color radar to find the best spots for photos on vacations – if you are looking for more inspiration on this check out Kelly’s hashtag #StudioDIYWallCrawl.

We dived into the awesome ways we can use props anywhere and everywhere to get our photos to tell the specific story we are dying to share.

Kelly Mindell on taking great Instagram photos

So much good info in this episode! We dished about the best clothes to wear for a photoshoot, birthday party, or family photos. Spoiler alert **flair is where its at!

Get Kelly’s tips for wearing colors, flair, and shoes just right, plus find the info to sign up for her amazing Instagram course, Can’t Crop This. It will change your life.

(All photos from the Instagram channel of Kelly Mindell @Studio DIY).

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