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The Best Chocolate Chip Recipe with Melanie Blodgett

I have a season of fun party-loving guests lined up and a weekly plan to bring you the best ideas for your parties, baking, crafting, and general life revelry.

Let’s jump into episode #1: an interview with Melanie Blodgett. Melanie is the creator of You Are My Fave and she has some of the most creative party ideas around.

I’m not making world peace with my blog… but I know what the best chocolate chip cookie tastes like. So that’s something.

Melanie shares with us her sweet Sunday family tradition that I am definitely implementing. Right now!

The Best Chocolate Chips

We talked about hosting a cookie bake-off which Melanie recently did with her 9 sisters! Their winner was… America’s Test Kitchen Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. You’ll have to listen in to hear why Melanie loved this recipe so much.

Make a huge party statement with pretzel balloons!

We talked about slowing down and celebrating the revelry of every day with our families. It has been so good for us both. Melanie gave us a couple of great tips for throwing parties that are pretty but not painstaking! Like making a dramatic impact with something as easy as soft pretzels.

5 foot long birthday cake

And hiring in the help you need to make a party come out exactly in your vision – without all the extra work. Like for instance, hiring a baker to bake a 5-foot long crazy birthday cake. Genius!

Light up birthday marquee

I shared my own struggle with planning parties now that the twins are getting older and Melanie came to the rescue with a great idea for making any place cute, inspired by this 1-year-old large Birthday marquee.

Birthday Balloon Wall

Melanie also fills us in on her plans for the future – if you love her you will be so excited! I’m already dreaming of things like her HUGE balloon wall coming to life. But you’ll have to listen in to get the scoop on that…

(Photography by Melanie Blodgett for You Are My Fave).

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