If finishing off a food plate or cake seems daunting try these threaded heart toppers I made for our recent Pumpkin Brunch. They are a whimsical detail for food and would look wonderful in a larger grouping as a cake topper. Plus they can be made in any color/shape that you’d like to see.

Threaded heart cake topper

The materials: Embroidery thread in a color to match your celebration, school glue, water, a mixing bowl and wax paper.

The process:

  • Cut your thread to size and dredge in in a small bowl filled with two parts water & one part glue.
  • After the thread has been sufficiently soaked lay it out onto a piece of wax paper and mold into desired shape.
  • Allow atleast 24 hours to dry.
  • Once dried attach a wooden toothpick to the bottom with a dab of glue, let dry for another few hours.
  • Stick into cake or food plate to add a pretty little detail to your celebration.