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Three fun announcements



I am so excited for this weekend! It is hot air balloon race weekend here in Reno and the event has become quite like a holiday to us. Today they do the first run and one of the balloons always lands at the kid’s school. It is 6-year-old bliss! We get up insanely early on Saturday to be huddled at the park for the nighttime glow show at 4:30am. Then we share breakfast with the entire town out on a field and touch all the balloons as they inflate for the mass ascension when hundreds of hot air balloons go up right before our eyes. It is amazing and I’ll be broadcasting a portion of it live tomorrow on Periscope at about 7:15am. The event is a favorite of mine and I’m excited to share a piece of our daily revelry with you over there.

To watch: Download the Periscope app, follow me @asubtlerevelry and tune in tomorrow morning to chat and join in the fun.


Because that cake stand is too damn pretty to be sitting in the cabin

I am so excited to give you the first peek into our newly written cookbook all about birthday cakes! If you’ve loved the recipes we have shared on the blog this is the book for you. See it here.

In the eBook you will find over 30 full cake recipes most of which have never been seen before. Old family secrets, creative new ideas to make your next birthday cake the best one ever, and so much more…

The eBook is available for pre-purchase TODAY!!! Buy it now to get a major pre-sale discount. For the price of a fancy cup of coffee you will get birthday cake making super powers.




Lastly, if you are reading this via feed and haven’t popped by the blog in a bit we had a total makeover last week. It’s the first time I’ve coded a site myself and I just love it so much. We’ve added a lot of new details and one of them is the little tab at the top that says PODCAST. Why you ask? Because we are starting a podcast…

All about parties!

It’s going to be fun.

I’ve been interviewing some of my favorite party loving friends this last month and we plan to launch the first couple episodes next week. I’ll be posting them and you can listen in right from the blog, or follow along on iTunes once we’ve launched.

In related news… I’m planning our next vacation:) HA! Love you all. Thanks for the awesome encouragement via social media and emails this week. We sent out our first official email with the free gift and so many of you responded saying HI. I’m still getting through them all, but thanks for emailing back. It was a sweet gift I didn’t expect to receive this week.

And if you haven’t joined the list – you just must. You can still get the fun free gift. Sign up right here.


(Balloon photography by Gillian van Niekerk/Stocksy International).

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