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Three creative wrapping tips

One of our favorite things about giving gifts is wrapping them. I normally find a color scheme to work with and add lots of simple details. Here are three favorite wrapping tips to take ordinary wrapped presents and make them truly special.

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Three creative wrapping tipsAnd the best thing is, none of these ideas take Olympic level wrapping skills. Easy + pretty this time of year is exactly what I love to see.

Three creative wrapping tips

Three creative wrapping tips

Wrapping tip #1: Making the perfect present bow

A bow is most obvious way to turn a ho-hum box into a gorgeous gift. Making a great looking bow can be tricky though.

I learned this simple trick a few years ago to make all our present bows perfect. Instead of tying a knot at the top of the present, use a small bread clip. I save mine from packages throughout the year, or if you don’t have one on hand – a small paper with a hole punched in the middle will work as well. When wrapping the ribbons onto the top of the box, instead of tying the ribbons into a starting knot, thread them through the bread clip hole instead and then create your bow. Remove the bread clip after the bow is created. This gives the ribbon a gorgeously straight look and will allow each bow to lay perfectly flat against the box.

Three creative wrapping tips

Three creative wrapping tips

Wrapping tip #2: Details do the trick

Adding details like sticker stars and colorful paper dots is a simple way to make plain wrapping paper even more wonderful. Create a stack of gifts that are all special in their own way, but coordinate well for a holiday look that is spectacular.

This can be as easy as a trip to the local dollar store to find stickers, cut outs (used for craft projects), and simple looking gift tags. Combine them all for a present pile that is as pretty as it is generous.

Three creative wrapping tips

Wrapping tip #3: Get creative with trim

Using border paper – like the kind teachers use to line their bulletin boards, is the easiest way imaginable to add a pop of color + texture to the presents. Taping the trim along the sides of a present creates a fabulous looking scallop that anyone can pull off.

Three creative wrapping tips

Have you started wrapping yet? I wonder what other sneaky wrapping tricks I can learn this year. Please share if you have one. Happy present wrapping season!

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(Photography & Art Direction ©A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer).

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