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three last minute holiday ideas

Stacked colorful books make an awesome holiday party display

Merry Joyful Happy Christmas. This holiday is a huge one for our family and we will be taking a couple days off to celebrate and enjoy it together. I’ll be instagraming and pinning when I have a quite moment, but I didn’t want to leave without sharing these three genius party tips for those of us that might be a little last-minuting the holidays. Each of these ideas will take only a few moments, and you most likely have the supplies on hand. Decorating has never been so simple; as it should be when Christmas is 48hrs away!

Tip One: For last minute decor grab all the colorful/vintage/pretty books around the house and stack them on the mantel. The festive collection brings a nod of tradition to the day and your guests will love thumbing through the titles as they mingle.

Stick evergreen sprigs in old coffee cans for last minute holiday decor.

Tip Two: To0 late for a tree? Fill old coffee tins with sprigs of evergreen for a tabletop centerpiece. If you don’t have an awesome vintage set in the garage, use wrapping paper to cover any tin can around and fill with sprigs. This would also be a great last minute hostess gift stand-in for the 3rd brunch you’ve been invited to this week.

Peppermint drink tops

Tip Three: Having friends over for drinks this week? Instantly make the night festive by rimming all glasses in peppermint. To do this on the fly, place 4 candy canes in a Ziplock bag and bang with a meat clever until you have perfect peppermint topping. Place the glasses (or paper cups) upside down in a plate of water and then in the peppermint topping. It will pull together your cups no matter how mismatched they may be.

Have a wonderful week of celebrating, and in case you are looking for even more holiday inspiration, our DIY galleries and recipe galleries are filled and always open for browsing. xoxo

Photography for this post by Landing Feet First Photography, Design + Styling + Vintage Rentals by On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals, Coordination + Styling by Blush & Whim

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