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Tie-Dye Socks Perfect for Fathers Day

Inside: Tie-Dye Socks Perfect for Fathers Day

Fathers Day is quickly approaching and what better way to say “Dad You Rock” than some totally fun tie-dye socks! I mean socks are the new tie, right? Dad can dress these up with his snazzy workwear or pair them with his awesome workout gear! These tie-dye socks are the best way to make a bold statement just for Dad!

tie dye socks


How to Make Tie-Dye Socks

There are just a couple of supplies you will need to make these funky tie-dye socks here is the shortlist:

Tie Dye Supplies


Instructions for Making Tie Dye Socks

  1. Prewash socks in warm, soapy water. This helps to remove any finishes that may interfere with dye absorption.
  2. Lay socks out in your aluminum pan or flat surface.
  3. Pleat socks.
  4. Wrap rubber bands tightly around the socks at various points. The rubber bands act as a resist and create white spaces. The more rubber bands you use and the tighter they are wrapped, the more white space there will be.
How to make tie dye socks

5. Wearing rubber gloves, mix the dye, and shake well. Repeat for each color.

6. Place socks on a baking rack with a tray under it. This keeps the dye from puddling under the fabric.

7. Squeeze dye in between rubber bands.

Fathers Day Gift


How to tie dye

8. Let your dye sit for at least 12 hours, the longer the better!


Tie Dye Socks

9. Carefully remove rubber bands with scissors and unfold the fabric. Wash in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse and dry.


Tie Dye socks for Dad

Tips for Tie-Dying

Here are a few tips for when it comes to making these super cool tie dye socks!

Fathers Day Gift


  1. Make sure to read and follow the instructions on your dying kit.
  2. When it comes to using multiple colors, I like to start by adding the lighter color first. That way it doesn’t get drowned out by the darker colors.
  3. The longer you let the dye sit before you wash the better. If you could wait a full 24 hours that is perfect but I would say wait at least 12 hours!


DIY Fathers Day Gifts

More DIY Ideas for Dad

If you like these tie dye socks for dad, then you will love these other great DIYs for him!

  • Printable Fathers Day Garland – If you are still looking for a way to let dad know you care – make him a banner! Hang it over something he really loves, like steak or a favorite record. It’s a simple way to let him know how amazing he is. And although I am always partial to a strand of garland for everything… these tags would also be so great tied each to a small gift and laid out for dad. 16 little mementos all lined up with tags that spell out – Happy Father’s Day. It’s a gift he won’t soon forget.
  • Fathers Day Bracelets – Show dad how special he is by filling his wrists with these awesome Father’s Day Printable Bracelets. They’re the guy equivalent of a corsage! So fun. An arm full of these bracelets will let dad know that he is loved all day long. Print out a couple for every dad you know, or print out forty to fill your the arm of your own secret superman.
  • Fathers Day Pendant Flags – Every year I like to think of a new and fun idea to show Matt how much we appreciate him. Flowers don’t work (except rosemary on steak) and ties get old quick. This year we’ve been crafting a bouquet of Father’s Day pendant flags. They are a fun way to say “We think you’re rad dad”, and when dropped off at the office he will instantly feel that dozen-of-roses-at-the-desk feeling. He will literally well up with pride. If we are going to cheer on anyone, shouldn’t dad be the one?

Let us know in the comments what your favorite tie dye sock combo!

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