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How to write a name on a cake

Inside: How to write a name on a cake, cute and fun cake decorations!

Valentine’s Day is just under one month away! With the gift of an amazing recipe, a sweet sentiment is just icing on the cake. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s with pomp, frill, and a dozen red roses… or you use the day to make simple handmade cards for your favorite friends. I love the chance Valentine’s Day gives us to remember how much we freaking love the people in our lives. And nothing says “I love you” like when you write their name on a cake! Here are the cutest cake stands for your special cake!

write name on cake

3 genius tips to write names on a cake

1. Start in the center.

Everything looks better when it’s centered! Instead of starting with the first letter of the word, count the number of letters in each word and start at the center letter. Place all center letters on the cake before beginning the rest of the words. Then start filling in letters on the longest word first. This will ensure that your lettering is evenly spaced and not flowing off the sides.

2. Trace the letters with a toothpick first!

To be sure there will be no icing smears. The first time you write a name on the cake, do it with a toothpick. If you mess up it is easy to recover with frosting and start over. Once the words look right, the template indention in the cake will be easy to trace over with icing.

3. Make sure your icing is at room temperature.

Be sure the icing you are using is not chilled or melted. Leave on the counter for a couple hours to bring the icing to the correct temperature for perfect piping to write a name on the cake.

Pssst – Here is a perfect cake for sharing the love and it’s a perfect start to write a name on a cake

(Photography ©Amy Covington/Stocksy United).


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