While we were on vacation last week, quite a few of our garden flowers got scorched by the hot sun. It made me extra happy to come home to this tissue flower garland on my mantel. The flowers are bright, bold, and don’t require maintenance to remain beautiful. Perfect! I love how they look hung over a party table, on the mantel, or over the bed – the garland is the type of project that really would look great no matter where it is placed.

To make the tissue paper flower garland, start by making 20-30 tissue paper flowers in varying colors. The tissue flowers are made by accordion-folding 5 sheets of tissue paper together. Fold in the middle and staple. Then cut both sides at an angle or a curve for different floral looks. The last step is to carefully begin pulling the tissue layers out from one another until the flower is formed.

Once the flowers are made, turn them all upside down and place in a natural looking formation. Run a length of thick floral wire along the garland and hot glue onto every flower. The thickness of the wire will allow you to mold the garland and keep its shape. End each side with a small loop of wire for hanging.

Hang and be ready for your guests to ooh and aww over your crafty skills.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.