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Toothpick arrows

Tooth pick arrows

Valentine’s Day is a holiday I love to celebrate without going totally overboard – we are not doing Christmas 2.0 around here. So an easy element like small toothpicks with cut paper, that can turn anything into a festive food plate is a favorite option for a mellow, but still festive celebration.

Top the kids treats for school, pierce one into your lovers cinnamon roll on Valentine morning, even poke them into fruits to make the kitchen counter come to life for the next couple weeks. From bagged lunches to desserts this simple idea is the best way to turn anything into a sweet Valentine treat.

Printable toothpick arrows

Toothpick arrows

Cupcakes, cookies and marshmallows will instantly become favorite notes of love when pierced with these festive toothpicks.

Make the toothpick arrows

To make the toothpick arrows you will need toothpicks, scissors, glue and a printer.

Download the cupid arrow template which has the arrow bottoms in a couple similar sizes (go with the bigger arrows for a cake or cupcake, the small for something little like marshmallows).

Cut out the arrows of choice and glue them to a toothpick. Once the arrows are dry, place them into the foods of choice – then sit back and kiss your brain for being so awesome and so simple all at the same time.

Here are a few treats to make at home that these toothpick arrows will look great poked in: a cream cheese dip cake, homemade soft pretzels, a gigantic cinnamon roll, ice cream squares, ohhh or pinata stuffed meringues – these will be adorably amazing for Valentine’s Day!

(Photography ©Nemanja Glumac/Stocksy United).


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