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Travel hacks – magic candy boosters

How to keep kids happy while #traveling with magic candy boosters!

When traveling with our kids – let’s be honest, when doing anything with them that is not EXACTLY what they want to do – they can sometimes melt down; usually at the most inopportune times. We are home this week between two summer vacations and I’ve noticed how quickly our trips that include walking and exploring can wear them out. After 5 hours into a car ride. At 35,000 feet high. Or on mile 1.2 of the awesome foodie by food tour. They start to get restless, and whiny, and you know it’s going down hill. QUICK!

Many people just don’t travel with kids because of this. Instead of leaving them at home, we’ve developed a fun little system where the sweets act as magical boosters. A game of sorts that continues our whole trip long.


I know. Genius right!?! My friend David taught me this once on a hike with all our kids and it really does work amazing. As soon as you see the first signs of melt-down suggest their need for a boost and hand them over a small piece of candy. A magical booster to give them extra energy.

It doesn’t have to be huge, just a soft piece or two. I’m not going for sugar rush as much as I am going to imagination here. And I’m not using candy to replace discipline. It’s more to ward off the likely chance that there will be a melt-down coming. To keep their feet moving, to keep their faces smiling.

In the summer hard candy gets sticky and chocolate just melts. But a small stash of soft candy is perfect for handing out as little boosters. Just one or two is all that’s needed to keep the party going and keep everyone traveling happy.

We are headed off on a big East Coast family trip, going to be hitting DC, New York City and a few places between. Would you try something like this to keep your kids moving? I’d love to know if you have any other great tricks for keeping kids happy while seeing the sites. Happy summer travels!

(Photography ©Laura Stolfi/Stocksy International).

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  1. I like this idea! A magical booster, what a concept!
    And I have made it a practice never to travel long distances with children. But , as a nanny I often carry a bag with various and assorted treats usually of the granola bar/fish cracker/fruit squeeze sort-just to get from schools, sports, parks, etc etc. Food does have a way of changing the energy around.

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