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Trick for getting the brightest Easter eggs

Trick for making the brightest Easter eggs.

I found a fun trick for making our Easter eggs super vibrant and bright this year. I figure if we are going to go through the experience of dying our eggs – why not do it right and make them as bright as possible? This little trick makes all the difference…

Vibrant Easter Eggs

How to make the most colorful Easter eggs.

Instead of dipping the eggs in color, put the food dye directly on the eggs. Paint your eggs instead of dipping! Genius right?

Start by dipping each egg in a bowl of distilled white vinegar. Place the vinegar-covered egg on a small plastic spoon over a bowl and drop a few drops of food coloring directly onto the egg (or paint on gel food coloring). Roll the egg around a little in the spoon (with gloves on) to ensure it is covered completely.

That’s it! That’s the crazy easy trick for getting a bowl of the brightest eggs you can imagine this year.

(Photography ©Pavel Gramatikov/Stocksy International).


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  1. We usually get brown eggs from a farmer nearby and in the past I’ve picked up a dozen white eggs in the grocery store to dye, but with this method, I should be able to use our yummy brown eggs!

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