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trust your gut

Most of my business decisions I make with my gut (that and my crazy 2 am crafting dreams). It is one of the pure joys of running the show around here. Something seems right and I do it – something does not and I back away. It has never failed me.

We announced last spring that we were redesigning this blog and you were all so sweet with your praise – thanks! In the process I was convinced to leave my current blogging platform (WordPress) to move onto a newer, very cool custom built platform. I knew it was a bad decision, my gut was screaming at me, “NO!” But I went ahead and said, “yes” anyway assuming my business had grown beyond my guts capacity to judge.

Long story short (insert many days of sitting at the computer crying over lost content, downed site mornings, unreported stats and malfunctioning posts) and we have officially moved this site back to WordPress. We lost a few of the fancier features in doing so – but what I lost in flair I recouped in perfect, flawless, daily consistency.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that we made the switch back, and to say sorry if you’ve stopped by in the last couple months and seen any of the issues – I know many of you read the blog daily and I so love and appreciate you.

Lesson learned: trust your gut always… and measure it with candy buttons because you’ll never outgrow that! xoxo

Photography by Kristin Vining Photography. You’ll love her site, it is beautiful.  xoxo


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  1. I LOVED your site redesign when it launched. I’m in the process of (verrrrry slowly) redesigning mine & this site has been a great source of inspiration/encouragement that things like responsive blogs are truly possible & look great.

    secondly, I’ve been thinking of moving platforms, but was not really sold on that idea. so thanks for being honest here… it’s encouraging to know that others are struggling with the same decisions.

    you do a great job! love being a reader :)

  2. Glad you can breathe easier! I love the creativity and brightness in your projects and find so much inspiration here. Thanks for working through discouragement. It’s worth it!

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