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tulips and twine

Nothing says Spring quite like a giant hanging centerpiece made from freshly picked twigs and bright pink tulips. This floral project Rebecca designed for Styled. magazine would be a lovely table topper for a sweet Mother’s Day brunch. The twigs would give an easy DIY vibe to a wedding or shower placed over circular tables and it could even be refashioned in miniature to hang in multiples over a long table.

To make your own, you will need these supplies: scissors, wire cutters, gardening clippers, floral wire, fishing line, a screw hook, grapevine (for the base circle), twigs (10-20 inches long), and fresh flowers.  For a fixture approximately 24″ in diameter, I used nearly 150 twigs and 25 tulips.

First, shape the grapevine into a circle and secure with floral wire.  Then attach twigs to the grapevine using the wire.  Eventually, you will be able to layer and nestle the twigs with each other and won’t need much wire.  Continue until you are satisfied with the fullness of the centerpiece.  Make as neat or as wild as you wish.  Then, gently stick the tulips into the twigs – they will be held in place by the nest you’ve created.  Hang over your table from the ceiling or from a doorway using fishing line and a hook!

Project design by Rebecca Beach and photography Robert Tomas.

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