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Two dollar twenty minute bunting

One final project from our pumpkin harvest brunch that would be a lovely addition to just about any party imaginable. This scalloped paper bunting can be made for under two dollars, in about twenty minutes, in any color or size you’d like! In the time of a lunch break or a child’s nap you can craft something beautiful for your next celebration.

The materials: A circular object to trace, scrapbook paper in whatever color or size you choose, a pen, scissors, double sided tape, and thread for hanging.

The process:

  • Trace circles on your paper in the size of your choosing and cut each one along the trace line.
  • Fold each circle in half and stick a piece of double sided tape in the center of the fold.
  • Connect together along the thread for hanging.

Perhaps the easiest project I’ve ever crafted, and an inexpensive way to give your next celebration a touch of handmade loveliness.

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