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Two Party Costume Hats

The easiest way to dress up for Halloween might be to use our heads! Party costume hats will quickly turn an everyday outfit into a trick-or-treat worthy costume. And a girl with balloons or fruit on her head is bound to get a great haul of Halloween candy.

Costume HatsBalloon Girl Party Costume Hat

Balloon Girl Party Costume Hat

Fruity Lady Halloween Costume Hat

Fruity Lady Halloween Costume Hat

A fruit inspired hat will make this year’s Halloween over the moon in funky style and fun. It’s an easy way to wear an everyday outfit to work and pull on a quick-witted accessory and fit right into the after hours Halloween party vibe.

Halloween costume hats

Both hats are easy to make at the last minute for those of us who are still wondering how it is we’ve already gotten to the middle of October. (Seriously!?!)

Balloon Party Costume Hat

Balloon Girl Party Costume Hat

To make the balloon girl hat you will need:

  • 1 paper party hat
  • 15-20 balloons in bright colors
  • An exacto knife


1. Start the process by blowing up all the balloons and tying the ends.

2. Use an exacto knife to create a small slit in the party hat wherever a balloon will go. Gently punch the balloon through the slit, the tie should hold it nicely into place.

Adorn the party hat with my favorite balloon bouquet costume, or with an everyday work outfit for underscored, but still awesome Halloween party fun.

Fruity Lady Halloween Costume Hat

Fruity Lady Halloween Costume Hat

The fruit lady hat is just as simple! To make it you will need:

  • A package of dollar store fruit
  • Spray paint in a couple bright colors
  • Colorful cellophane and a wide based hat or bowl
  • Hot glue


Fruity Lady Halloween Costume Hat

1. Start by painting the fruit and allowing it to fully dry.

2. Cover the hat in cellophane and hot glue the underside into place.

3. Beginning at the bottom start layering and gluing the fruit into place around and all over the hat. Allow the entire thing to set for a couple hours before adorning.

Pair this whimsical look with a colorful day dress for a perfectly placed fruit cocktail costume.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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