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How to Make DIY Confetti for Parties Year Round

Confetti is obviously one of my favorite party items. It’s colorful, fun and crazy easy to create, so we made DIY confetti.

How to make DIY confetti

Making your own DIY confetti

For a quick summer update try cutting confetti with an alphabet punch – fun bright letters that allow your guests to spell their hearts out! Just get your favorite colored paper or theme the paper to match your party and start cutting little strips out. You can even use a whole punch for circle confetti! Making your own confetti is so easy and it adds SO much to the party decor!

Snipping of bits of bright paper with scissors is all it takes to fashion a festive birthday, shower or wedding look. The perfect party DIY! We will also teach you how to make your own confetti cones for some confetti throwing fun at parties year round.

Other easy DIY confetti ideas:

Making your own confetti cones

Making your own confetti cones

Make DIY confetti for your next party!

How to make your own confetti cones

These cones are super easy to make too! You just cut a piece of construction paper into a circle and then cut one straight line from the outside to the middle point of the circle. From there, just twist the paper until its in a cone shape and tape the side paper so that it stays. Now you are ready to fill your cone up with all of your DIY confetti! We like to fill the cones with different small candies and confetti and hand them out as our party attendees leave.

Make your own DIY confetti to put in the confetti cones

What’s your confetti style?

Stuff the typography confetti along with regular confetti strips into paper cones for throwing about at parties this season. The letters add great texture and will make the event feel thoughtful and special to everyone.

For other confetti style options, check out different punchers that are themed like your party!

We love unicorn themed parties, so this unicorn hole punch will make confetti to get everyone in the festive mood.

How to make confetti

How to make DIY letter confetti

Purchase the alphabet paper punch right here and my favorite brightly hued paper here.

Put on your current Netflix obsession (Gilmore Girls for life!) and punch away. Before you know it a confetti filled party will be right in front of you. I punch out the paper right into small plastic bins and store the confetti there until I need it. It’s a party supply you can make weeks in advance and it will make a gigantic statement every time!

Don’t forget to cut out all different colors, shapes, and sizes– you never know when you’r going to have to throw an impromptu party!

How to make confetti

How to make your own DIY confetti

How to make your own confetti cones

Confetti looks super cute spread out all over tables, or you can hand out in paper cones for an easy, bright, and festive celebration. And for more confetti fun, try putting some in clear balloons  for a party decoration that can also turn into a party favor for all the happy kiddos. And if you pop the balloons, there will be a huge confetti party! We can’t wait to make our DIY confetti for our next celebratory gathering.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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