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typography popcorn bags

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In the midst of all the holiday fun, we had an extra special weekend celebrating the twins 5th birthday with popcorn bags! With inches of snow falling, we were so happy to have a house packed out with preschool kids playing their hearts out in a massive balloon fort. It was an epic celebration in my book.

As usual, I’m holding the kid’s birthday party projects until after the holidays to share. But these typography popcorn bags are just too fun to keep to myself! They centered the 10 foot long party table, filled with popcorn, and made the room literally pop!

The typography popcorn bags are great for the holidays too, as last minute decor. Use white bags for writing Merry Christmas, and fill with cookies, or use black/gold bags filled with some sweet fillings for exclaiming a happy New Year. Or stick with the basics – a hot pink “CELEBRATE” – because that’ll work for anything.

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typography paper bags >>

typography paper bags >>

Whatever you want to say, these typography popcorn bags will take your statement and literally turn it into a festive centerpiece for any gathering. They can be filled with all kinds of goodies and used as decor, or taken home as favors. Don’t they just scream movie night! The bags can also work as modern monogram place cards for a whimsical way to seat your guests.

typography paper bags >>

To make the typography ppopcorn bags, first you’ll need enough paper bags for each of the letters (find a great selection of colorful ones at your local craft store). You want to also make sure you have hot glue, scissors, a large letter template (if you don’t want to freehand), and a stack of paper or extra bags to fill in the gaps.

Start by tracing the letters onto the bag fronts. It’s important to leave enough of the bag connected at the bottom, so be sure to widen the bottoms of the letters a bit where needed. If the letter has a straight side (like R or B), leave the side completely intact to save time when making. Once the letters are traced, cut along the tracing lines and poof out each bag to see what sides need to be filled.

Use the paper stack (or extra bags) and cut 2 inch strips and glue along the inside of the bags to complete the paper bag letters, turning them into 3D typography.

typography paper bags >>

Fill each popcorn bag, or your choice of treat, and place out for the party animals in your life to enjoy.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.

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