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typography stiffened ribbons

typography stiffened ribbons. Make your ribbon talk - it's easy!

Last month the twins turned 5! We had a massive snow storm the morning of their party, but thankfully everyone still made it safely. Matt turned my studio into a huge balloon fort for the kids and we served popcorn in these typography paper bags. To top the cakes, I stiffened ribbons into talking letters and numbers. The idea is incredibly simple and the effect is bright and bold (you can also do it with string).

"YAY" ribbon

Number five stiffened party ribbon

typography stiffened ribbons. Make your ribbon talk - it's easy!

Making the talking ribbons would be an easy way to support your favorite team in an upcoming game (Rah…Rah… YAY!). The numbers are great for celebrating birthday’s and anniversaries and the project could even be done to say LOVE or MINE for a sweet Valentine’s Day cake.

typography stiffened ribbons. Make your ribbon talk - it's easy!

To make the typography stiffened ribbons you will need ribbon, fabric stiffener, a cake skewer, and parchment paper. Begin by cutting out the ribbon and gently shaping it into the letter or number you’d like (I do this to make sure I have enough ribbon for the size and shape I want to make).

Dredge the ribbon into the fabric stiffener, making sure the entire ribbon is drenched well, and re-mold into shape on the parchment paper. Let dry until completely dry, about 24 hours. Remove gently from the paper, trim as needed, and use a small dab of glue to attach a wooden toothpick or skewer to the bottom of each ribbon.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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  1. Instead of running to the mega-craft supply store to gather materials, I try to consider what I already have in my home. If you frequent estate sales, tag sales, or even garage sales, you might have a stash of vintage wrappping paper and ribbons, like I do. Those vintage Shiny Brite ornaments come in cardboard boxes that have cool retro-Christmas graphics. In the garage or basement most of us have a couple terra cotta flower pots. These materials, along with a vintage bottle brush tree or two, a picture frame, and basic crafting supplies like glue and glitter are all you need to get started on some last minute projects.

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