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Umbrella Cupcake Toppers For Rainy Day Fun

This post is done in partnership with Disney Book Group.

It’s Fall, which means rainy days are on the way and we are preparing with a fun craft idea for the kids. Making umbrella cupcake toppers and obviously baking the cupcakes will easily turn a boring rainy afternoon into a fun-filled event.

Our rainy day fun is inspired by the new book Bruce’s Big Storm (Mother Bruce #5) by Ryan T. Higgins. The book will be is in stores now! Just in time for our rainy day Fall season to get into full effect.

We’ve always been big fans of the best-selling Mother Bruce book series for their funny take on everyday life events. They are fantastic read-out-loud books and always have an emphasis on the important aspects of getting along, such as how this books focuses on caring for the community– even if you’re the grumpiest member.

The detailed illustrations are also a reason we buy and keep these books around. They have beautiful textures and are full of smart details that is so revealing of the world the characters inhabit. Each book by this creator is a visual treat.

We took inspiration from this newest book to create a rainy day craft project and treat to fill a soggy Fall afternoon with great fun!

Umbrella Cupcake Toppers

To turn our cupcakes into a rainy day craft project we made cute umbrella felt cupcake toppers. Served up alongside yellow frosted cupcakes and you’ll soon be seeing the sun no matter how rainy it might be outside.

To make the umbrella cupcake toppers you will need:

  • Colorful felt
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun
  • And a wooden dowel

1. Start by cutting a felt shape to turn into your umbrella, we found this wonky flower shape that works great, but a simple circle would do as well. The wilder the shape the more fun the umbrellas will look, making this step a fun one to get all the kids involved with.

2. Next use the glue gun to circle around the felt shape and turn it into an umbrella shape.

3. Stick the wood dowel into the top of the umbrella using the hot glue and let set for about 5 minutes – perfect time to step away and frost those cupcakes!

Put the cupcakes out along with our favorite rainy day book and enjoy the fun of time spent indoors with people that are pretty great. Also here are a few other cupcake toppers you might want to try:

Grab Bruce’s Big Storm book right here and get ready for an afternoon of rainy day fun, cupcakes always needed!

(Photography @ASubtleRevelry by Alyssa Poland.)

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