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Unicorn Christmas Tree

Making a themed Christmas tree is just one of those things that I never gave much thought to before – Until my team suggested making a unicorn Christmas tree.


The word unicorn is basically the only word that I need to hear before jumping on board with any idea (unicorn toast, unicorn pinatas, and unicorn horn). So we quickly created this unicorn Christmas tree with a rainbow tulle tree skirt to match and it is everything magical I was dreaming it would be. Between the colorful mane tassels, the adorable unicorn ornaments and the poppy bright lights that catch all the pink glows… I am in tree theme heaven over here.

Recreate this entire Christmas tree idea if you haven’t started decorating yet, or maybe just sneak in a couple unicorn ornaments to make everyone smile when the tree lights up. The unicorn Christmas tree theme is also great for any kids room Christmas tree fun.

Unicorn Christmas Tree

To make the unicorn Christmas tree you will need:

  • White glitter felt
  • Mint felt
  • Embroidery floss
  • Yarn (different colors)
  • Sharpie
  • Glue gun
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Crochet hook
  • Solid color ball ornaments (large or small)
  • Bake clay
  • Gorilla glue
  • Shimmer paint
  • Glitter glue

Unicorn Christmas Tree Topper

To make the Unicorn Tree Topper:

1. Cut out 2 unicorn head shapes and two ears.

2. Cut out the unicorn horn and bottom piece. Using a glue gun, roll until you form a cone and glue along the top and edge. Fill with stuffing and glue the felt bottom in place. Glue one end of embroidery floss at the tip of the cone and wrap snuggle around the cone. Glue at the base.

3. Make the yarn tassel hair. Wrap yarn around your hand several times. Slide a short piece of yarn through the layers and knot at the top. Cut the ends. Using another short piece of yarn wrap and knot to make a tassel.

4. Start gluing the two head pieces together along the edges. When you get to the back of the head glue the tassels between each felt piece to make the unicorn mane.

5. Glue the ears together leaving the bottom unglued. Fill with stuffing and glue the bottom. Glue in place on either side of the unicorn’s head then glue on unicorn horn.

6. Using a sharpie draw an eye, mouth and nostril on each side of the head.

7. Fill head area with stuffing and place at the top of your tree!

Unicorn Christmas Ornaments

To Make The Unicorn Ornaments:

1. Squirt glitter glue along the top and one side of each ornament. This is the unicorn’s mane. Set aside to dry.

2. Roll out a piece of clay and cut small triangles for the ears.

3. Roll the clay into horn shape. Roll it out into a snake shape, cut about 3/4″ and then roll one end to taper. Using a knife or exacto knife gently carve the horn detail.

4. Place all clay onto a baking sheet and bake per the package recommendations.

5. Paint shimmer paint on the horn and ears to add a little extra glam and allow to fully dry.

6. Once dry, use a sharpie to draw the unicorns eyes and nose dots.

7. With the gorilla glue place the horn and ears at the top of the ornament on the mane.

8. Hang on the tree!

Unicorn Tassel Garland

To Make the Tassel Unicorn garland:

1. Wrap 5 different colors of yarn around your hand a couple times.

2. Slide a short piece of yarn under the wrapped strands and knot at the top.

3. Cut the ends and wrap another short piece toward the top and knot.

4. Using a crochet hook string the tassels on a long piece of yarn. Make as many tassels as you need to wrap around your tree.

Hang it all up on the tree for a whimsical way to decorate any space. Happy decorating.

PS. You could also make these adorable unicorn pinatas to hang from the tree, or make a glitter lama Christmas tree! Christmas is just way too much fun this year.

(Photography @A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney).

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