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Updated Sun Lounger


Summer sunbathing can be awesome in the right chair. As much as I’ve tried to love many newer forms of outdoor seats, nothing beats the comfort of those vintage strap chairs. Remember them? The ones that you can sink into and lay back on reading your favorite summer book. They hold such a nostalgic summer image for me.

I found an old set and decided to update the chair to make a bright statement for basking in the sun and hanging with the kids by the pool this summer. The chair went from forgotten and rusted to beautifully restored with the ease of a few favorite colors of KRYLON® COVERMAXX® spray paint. The paint was awesome because it worked just as well on the plastic straps as it did on the metal frames, making the entire project a simple summer update that I already love.





DIY Updated Sun Lounger

To create the updated vintage lounge set we used:

  • Our found vintage lounge chairs; these are simple to spot and grab from garage sales and thrift stores this time of year.
  • KRYLON® COVERMAXX® (available at Walmart) in Rich Plum, Mambo Pink and Sea Glass


1. The project is pretty straightforward; we started by hosing down and cleaning up our vintage lounger. To prepare the lounger for painting, we wiped the surface with mineral spirits to remove any oils or contaminants prior to painting.


2. Next we sprayed the lounger with a combination of three fresh summer colors. We sprayed the bottom and top first, following the directions on the paint cans.

3. After the ends of the lounger dried (which only took 10 minutes!), we waited another 24 hours to allow the paint to fully cure and then taped them off and sprayed the middle for a fun summer rainbow effect that has quickly become our favorite place to catch a few nice afternoon rays.


The paint has rust protection in it, so the chair should be able to stay vibrant and beautiful all season long.

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