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Valentines Balloons Surprise – Hot and Steamy!

Inside: The cutest Surprise Valentines Balloon!

Last year I brought a balloon to school for all the Kindergartners for their big Valentines day bash! You can buy heart balloons at the dollar store so it’s not unreasonable to buy a huge bunch at a time. The kids were so excited! It was honestly one of my favorite days ever. Balloons have a sneaky way of making everyone happy and I was thrilled to be balloon lady to my kid’s classmates. It’s a tradition I’ve continued for every school party so far. So this year I decided to do the same! But instead of the kiddos, I decided to surprise my hubby with these Valentine’s balloons!

Valentines BalloonsValentine day Balloon Surprise

This year, it will be fun to give the heart balloons at home first in the form of a balloon surprise for my guy. Similar to the idea I had a few years ago to fill a car with balloons for a birthday. This time it will be great fun to fill the shower with balloons on Valentine’s morning. A balloon surprise that is sure to wake him up happy!

DIY Valentine day Balloon Surprise

Valentine day Balloon Surprise ideas

Valentine day Balloon Shower Surprise for husband

Valentine day Balloon Shower Surprise

Creating the surprise shower Valentine’s balloons is as easy as stuffing 20 or so heart balloons into the shower and closing the door or curtain. When he opens the shower a cascade of balloons will great him. Hide a surprise or two within the balloons like his favorite coffee, or a book you know he’ll love. You could even hide behind the balloons… just saying. ;)

Printable heart stickers for balloons

Giving these Valentines balloons a bit of extra spunk & pretty detail is easy with my printable balloon hearts & sweet love words. I used my new Cricut machine to create these simple details. Pick a few balloons towards the front of the pile to spell out hottie on and add in a couple hearts for a balloon bouquet that anyone would love to receive – shower surprise or not.

how to make surprise balloons

Surprise Shower Valentine Balloons

Download the graphic heart files right here. You can upload them into Cricut’s Design Space and use the print and cut to make this entire project as easy as pie.

If you don’t own a Cricut machine yet, (which is crazy because it makes projects like these soooo easy), you can print the files onto printable vinyl and cut by hand to make the heart shapes.

Valentine day Balloon Surprise stickers

Stick the hearts right into the center of the balloons, for a Valentine bouquet that screams love and happiness. Exactly what we all need this coming week.

Valentine day Balloon Surprise decorations


A few more firey surprise for your Valentine!

Here is a few more Valentines Suprise for the love of your life!

Valentine day Balloon Surprise decoration ideas

HOT BABE!!! And in case any guys happen to be reading this, your girl wants this surprise too. Along with 30 minutes to take the longest shower ever (in peace), a new fluffy towel that’s been warmed to great her when she’s through. Basically, this is the #MomWish of every gal I know. Enjoy.


(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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