Valentines Balloons

It’s Valentines Day! I’m running around like crazy today between class parties and all the fun. Every year we bring dollar store balloons to the kids school. I honestly cannot think of anyway to better spend a buck then on Valentines balloons to make a school age kiddos happy.

I’ve become to be known as the balloon lady around the school halls. ;) Not a title I dislike indeed!

This year we decided to make the balloon idea a little more fun by making the Valentines balloons into little luv bugs. Simple and fun to celebrate the day ultimate of love.

luv bug valentines

Dollar Store balloons

The valentines balloons turned luv bugs are great because they will stay on the table like little bugs! We plan to put one on each kids desk and watch them go wild.

The balloons are weighted by the feet which is amazing, because the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen to a child is to have their prized balloon float off into the sky. These dollar store balloons stay nice and grounded, but are still filled with helium – so if the feet are detached they will fly once again.

Valentines Day Decor with balloons

Valentines Dollar Store Balloons

To make the Valentines Balloons into little luv bugs you will need:

  • Dollar store heart balloons – they are really only $1 blown up and everything
  • Pipe cleaner for the feet and antenna
  • Google eyes + glue for sticking

Valentines classroom party

1. Take each pipe cleaner and bend it in half. You’ll use 4 per balloon.

2. Use glue to attach the top one for antenna. Before positioning, bend the outside down and around to loop.

3. Bend the bottom three pipe cleaners together and gently wrap around the base of the balloon to act as feet.

4. Lastly, glue on the eyes.

Valentines Day Balloons

That’s it for the sweetest little luv bugs around! Enjoy the day of love today, even if it is midweek crazy filled with kids and sweets.

PS. Here’s how Matt and I celebrate mid-week Valentines Day ideas.

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