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Huge Car Valentine Surprise

Inside: How to make paper heart car valentines for your love!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and in case you are still wondering what to get your favorite person… I have the most fun idea. A car filled with hearts!

Ever since doing our balloon filled car years ago, I’ve been wanting to do a car Valentine paper heart attach activity with huge car valentine hearts! I’m so excited we finally made it happen. :) I love the idea of greeting my guy when he leaves work tomorrow with a slew of hearts saying all the nice things to him. These car valentines are a fun way to say I love you and is a cinch to pull off, even at the last minute.


Car Valentine Huge Car Valentines


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How to make paper hearts

DIY Huge Paper Hearts


The supplies you will need to make paper hearts for a car valentine surprise!

To make the Valentine paper heart attach activity for your car valentine you will need:

  • Colorful cardstock paper
  • Colorful posterboard
  • A white sharpie
  • Double sided tape


Valentine's Day Paper Heart Attack

Wink Wink, let’s make some car Valentines!

1. Start by cutting out all the hearts! We used a combination of colorful cardstock paper and poster board to get bigger hearts. This give more bang for the crafting buck (always a plus at the last minute!) and the various sizes give a fun texture to the hearts.

2. Write in all your favorite things with a white pen on the hearts.

valentine paper heart attach activity

3. Use double sided tape to attach the hearts to the car valentine. Create a fun layered look right by the driver’s door, or create a sprawling design all around the car. Anyway, you lay them – he will quickly feel the love.

Valentines paper hearts

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(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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