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veggie thread cake toppers

Fall is my favorite time of the year to cook vegetables. It is finally cool enough to turn on the oven, and our summer planted harvest is at its peak. There’s no reason why dinner should have all the veggie fun. Top a sweet cake with these whimsical thread veggie toppers and be prepared for guests to ooh and awww – no green thumb needed.

Wrapped thread veggie cake toppers are easy to make – first find a shape to mimic the particular veggie. Start the thread with a small dot of glue at the bottom of the shape – then wind around, and around, and around until your veggie is formed. Finish off with glue and a veggie top where it makes sense.

For the carrot we used the top of a candle and glued a little head of green hair. For the turnip a round disco ball did the trick for the form, and we wrapped it with two-toned thread. The eggplant shape was made by scrunching a bit of paper together until we found the right look and then masking tape to hold it into place. Each of the veggies took about 5 minutes to make – which means you could have a complete fall garden in the time it takes to bake the cake.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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