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Storybook whimsy

The Vintage Storybook Birthday held in honor of my twins turning two was a wonderful way to end the year. I hosted the party in our back den where the decor reminds me of a wooden vacation cabin, it was the perfect backdrop for our subdued, vintage afternoon celebration.

I have a whole slew of posts to share with you of the many handcrafted details of the day. Here are a few of my favorite notions of whimsy from the fun party theme.

I thrifted piles vintage books which became the perfect starting point. Glittered streamers laid about to top them off, also scattered on the laminate tile dance floor, and other places around the room.

The brick wall became host to pretty fabric bunting held up with a sampling of bright and festive story characters popping out for added depth.

Balloons that appeared to be floating standing in large vases took the place of bouquets for the day and handcrafted journal/harmonica favors caused even the eldest guest to dream of stories they could write (or play).

Photography by Carly Taylor

PS. The rest of the party!!! See the party sketch here, food here, dessert here & paper hat tutorial here.


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