This weekend I have two exciting events to produce and I am writing to you hopped up on strong coffee with lots of french vanilla. I look forward to sharing soon the projects I have been busy working on- involving these amazing vintage thread spools, plums and colorful monkey fists.

Vintage thread spools

Also, I will be taking a little blog break over the next two weeks. Partly to rest on vacation and partly to prepare for the launch of our site re-design- YAY!!! I trust you will forgive me for taking a short break and I sincerely hope you will enjoy what I have prepared for you over the next two weeks- a line up of amazing guests with fresh summer inspiration, a handful of gorgeous hand-crafted parties, and even a few little DIY’s.

Thanks so much for stopping here, reading and being a part of this with me.

I am blessed by you today!

PS. Just in case you need to know, HERE is a site I cannot seem to keep myself away from this week- every picture is pure celebration inspiration at its very best.