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Free Valentine Day Printable Gigantic Download

Inside: A fun gigantic download for printable colored cut out letters and a huge act of love!

Valentine’s Day is coming quick and if I’m going to say I love you with wall letters. Why not do it in a gigantic party style?!? When it comes to hearts at the house I think either dimensional heart garland, edible hearts, and gigantic download hearts are the way to go! This heart wall letters artwork is made out of simple scrapbook paper. Plus, it is an easy way to decorate at home for a bridal shower, wedding, and the most important holiday of love. With this gigantic download, you can have yourself one huge party!

gigantic printable letter download

To make the gigantic download paper heart

Tape the papers together on the backside, and cut out a heart shape. Layering the papers in various placements gives the artwork a fun and spunky feel. The heart can be done in any color combination making it a great party/home decor piece.

When you’re taping the back of the heart be sure to overlap the papers just a touch because it will ensure the tape will hold. We used packing tape along the back of our heart and this gave it a nice firm hold and a bit of extra form weight to the art piece. This was important to make sure it held our gigantic download letters!

printable cut out letters

The heart wall letters art is made by taping papers in various shades of green together and then cutting out a heart. All you need to create a similar look is a large surface to work on. Some colored paper in your favorite hues, and white paper for the wall letters, tape and scissors. It could not be easier!


printable colored letters

To make the printable cut out letters

Use white paper cut into letterforms. Download the gigantic download letters which include an entire alphabet of huge block wall letters for use on your own artwork and projects. Print out the letters right onto white paper and this saves a tracing step and cut to shape. Use tape or glue to secure the wall letters onto the backside of the heart.

Gigantic heart wall letters artwork

Hang the gigantic download heart wall letters above the mantel. So hang above the bed, and above a bridal shower brunch table. Or along with the walls of a wedding, and anywhere you might need an extra dose of love.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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