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Washi tape dixie cup vase

Making Valentine gifts that are kid friendly, but not filled with candy – can be quite the challenge. I love the simple idea of covering small dixie cups with layers of washi tape and filling them with a small potted plant. The project is easy enough for a young child to be involved in its making, and sweet enough to make any teacher, classmate, or coworker feel special. Make a handful to give away, and make a line to stay at home brightening up a windowsill this time of year.

To make the dixie cup vases you will need dixie cups, washi tape in various colors, textures and sizes, small potted plants, name tag and string

Step 1. Cover the Dixie Cup with washi Tape.  You may have to make a couple layers of tape in order to cover up the Dixie Cup design.

Step 2. Gently place your potted plant in the cup.

Step 3. Wrap with string and attach the name tag

Floral styling for this series by Sweet Emilia Jane. Photography by Ashleigh Taylor under the creative direction of Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry.

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