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waterproof drink labels

waterproof drink labels

Since many of the iced tea combinations looked similar I needed to label each bottle. While searching for something different than flags for this project, I stumbled upon an extra piece of laminated paper lying around. A bright (cartoonist) light went off in my head. Waterproof labels… of course!

Making your own waterproof labels is quite simple. Print out label text and take it to the closest print shop to have it laminated (mine cost a dollar a page). Cut the labels down to size. Then roll up and slide them into bottles, clear glass cups, or pitchers. They are my new favorite for summer.



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    • Stephie, totally random point but I really liked how the labels looked once the bottles were emptied because they had the slightest tea stain to them. I used a pair of tweezers and a bit of contortion to grab them out to keep for future use. However, if you are not crazy like me… simply throw out the bottles when you are done:)

  1. if you cut something laminated, doesn’t it ruin the laminate? i feel like water would get in through the cut edges and I’m not sure printer ink is the best thing for food in that case…?

    • It actually held very well in the water, I was a bit nervous about that to begin with, but the copy guy assured me the laminate covers the whole paper as a seal and remains intact (ie. the paper around your label is just as compressed together as it is around the entire sheet).

      Mine remained submerged for over 6 hours and never leaked out or showed any signs of water damage (as noted above the labels we somewhat tea stained after I emptied the bottles), so there would be some chance of this if left long enough. If you want to be extra safe you could laminate each label individually, it would just be more costly.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I thought that the answer might have been tweezers. I am relieved that I am not the only one who would be thinking of getting them out to use again! Crazy is good! Stephie x

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