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weekend reveleries | honeycomb

I spotted this gorgeous vintage honeycomb via Emma’s pinterest and instantly fell in love. It will be such a great addition to our next party. Fitting, since I’m in the middle of a slight honeycomb obsession and am using them for everything I can this month.

Here are a few other loves I have been indulging in lately… Kathleen’s gorgeous last picnic project, a sweet summer fig drink, cardboard unicorns, an amazing color project, pretty paper goblets and one more festive honeycomb you might want to grab.

I really hope you have a happy summer weekend. I will be busy working most of the weekend trying desperately to finish our new home off (this move seems to have taken forever!). It will feel so good to be done.



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  1. This is so lovely and I LOVE the hand dyed streamers you made too! Don’t work too hard this weekend – homes are always a “work in progress” so take some time for yourself too!

    Hugs, Stephie x

    • Stephie, thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, our homes are usually “works in progress” although it will be nice to have the major things taken care of soon (ie. small bathroom renovation this weekend;).

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